Cashew Chicken Stirfry with Cauliflower 'Rice'
Recipe type: Dinner
Serves: 4 servings
  • 2 cloves garlic,crushed
  • 3 cm knob of raw ginger, peeled and grated
  • 1 tablespoon reduced salt soy sauce
  • Freshly ground pepper
  • 350g lean chicken meat, cut into thin strips
  • 3/4 cup unsalted cashew nuts
  • 1/2 head cauliflower
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • 1/2 head broccoli, cut into florets
  • Handful of button mushrooms, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 2 tablespoons oyster sauce (or fish sauce)
  • 2 eggs, lightly whisked
  1. Combine garlic, ginger, soy sauce, pepper and chicken in a small bowl, set aside in refrigerator to marinate for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Heat a non-stick wok or large fry pan to medium heat. Add cashews and dry fry for only 1 minute, remove from pan and set aside in small bowl.
  3. Chop cauliflower very finely or process in food processor with blade attachment until it looks like couscous. Transfer to large microwave safe bowl and cook on HIGH (100%) for 6-8 minutes. Keep covered and set aside.
  4. Meanwhile, brush pan with oil and heat to high. Add half of the marinated chicken and stir-fry for 2 minutes until browned. Set aside and repeat with remaining chicken.
  5. Add broccoli florets and stir-fry for 3 minutes, until just tender.
  6. Add honey, oyster sauce and 2 tablespoons of water to pan along with mushrooms and chicken including any juices, stir-fry for another 3 minutes until heated through.
  7. Take the pan off the heat and cover with a lid to keep the stir-fry hot. Place a small fry-pan onto the already heated element, add the whisked egg and cook an omelette. Lift the omelette onto a plate or cutting board and, using kitchen scissors, cut into thin strips.
  8. Divide cauliflower among 4 plates, add the chicken stir-fry on top followed by the strips of omelette and serve sprinkled with cashews.
There are two shortcuts you can make:
1. If you like, you can choose not to microwave the cauliflower and instead stir-fry it along with the vegetables.
2. You can also add the eggs directly into the wok - simply push the stir-fry to one side while you cook the omelette.
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